How do I put Flappy-Nappy products onto my baby?

These instructions work for all Flappy-Nappy diapers, regardless of style or material.

Step One.

The detachable belt can be adjusted to two different sizes by expanding it using the snaps at the sides.

Step Two.

Undo the snaps on one side of the belt, wrap it around your baby, and then re-fasten the snaps at the hip. Attach the front of the diaper to the front of the belt and the back of the diaper to the back of the belt. Elastic and tags go in the back for ALL Flappy-Nappy products!

Step Three.

The diaper can be adjusted against the belt to four different sizes, depending on which snaps you use.

Step Four.

When it’s time to go potty, the diaper can be opened from the front OR back and draped over the potty like a flap.

Step Five.

Pull Chappy-Nappies onto your baby like any other pair of pants. Then attach the diaper to the waist belt of the pants and take your baby potty the same way you would for the detachable belt described above.