Ethical Manufacturing

Where are Flappy-Nappies made?

Recently, the fashion industry has come under scrutiny for unethical and/or unsustainable manufacturing practices. At Flappy-Nappies, we make it our mission to source sustainable manufacturers that empower their employees and communities.

Our Snap-In Soaker Pads are proudly manufactured right here in the USA in Asheville, NC.

World Fair Trade Organization

Our Flappy-Nappy diapers and Chappy-Nappies are manufactured in Nepal with Purnaa, a World Fair Trade Organization Guaranteed company. Purnaa is a social enterprise in Nepal with a mission to create jobs that empower marginalized
people to fresh starts and fulfilled lives.

Environmentally Sustainable

Purnaa manufactures ethically-made and environmentally-sustainable garments, accessories, and other fabric-based items, as well as hand-work intensive products.


Purnaa employs marginalized people and survivors of exploitation. At Purnaa, staff receive technical skills training, life-skills training (budgeting, relationships, literacy, numeracy, health & nutrition), access to counseling, healthcare, and employer-matched savings in a positive work