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Considering Cloth Diapers? Don’t buy them until you read this

How Elimination Communication Makes Cloth Manageable 

Considering cloth diapers? Probably one of the top questions on your mind is, “How do I deal with poopy diapers?” 

The Answer:  Elimination Communication (EC)

Sometimes EC is called baby potty training, but that’s not quite right.  So, what is EC and why is it so important?

Avoiding A Diaper-Trained Baby

EC is not “potty-training” your baby.  EC is AVOIDING a diaper-trained baby!

Did you know that babies have instincts to not soil themselves? This is why newborns frequently pee or poop when their diapers come off.  EC is the practice of responding to this instinct by offering the potty at key moments.

EC is Beneficial for Babies

EC is a gentle, loving method that fosters bonding between parent and child.  The parent learns the child’s elimination cues and timing while the child learns to hold it until the potty is offered.  

Babies who use the potty experience less diaper rash and blowouts. On average, they transition out of diapers younger, usually with less drama than their exclusively diapered peers.  There have also been studies that suggest early introduction to the potty promotes healthy bladder development and prevents chronic bedwetting!

EC Makes Laundry Manageable 

What if you could use cloth diapers without having to wash poopy diapers? With EC, this is 100% possible! 

When you hold baby over the toilet to poop, cleanup is nothing more than a toilet flush and a quick wipe—no poop in your washing machine!

Don’t Make This Mistake

If you’re researching cloth diapers, you’re probably overwhelmed with how many choices there are.  Which style do you choose?

The Answer:  Flappy-Nappies!

Flappy-Nappies are effortless to use, simple to wash, and they make EC easier than ever. They pop open like a flap to go potty and can be changed while your baby stands or crawls--a GAME CHANGER when baby becomes mobile.

The number one thing parents say after buying Flappy-Nappies is “I wish I’d had these SOONER!”

Don’t make the same mistake!

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They love Flappy Nappies


These pants are amazing for EC and for normal diapering! You can literally put the pants on, and since they're chaps, you can put a diaper on overtop. I'm seriously in love and wish I knew about them sooner!


Such a lovely diapering system! The wool is soft and comfortable. All pieces arrived as described with instructions for the best fit. We are excited to be using the pants, diaper and diaper belt combo.


Really well made and such a clever design! We bought these with the chappy nappy pants and I’m so glad we have found them. Makes getting on and off the potty so quick and easy! I’m going to order more. 😊


I love the Diapers!! We are doing EC so they are great. We are using them starting at 6months and they fit really awesome. They are low profile so not to bulky as normal cloth diapers are.