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Flappy-Nappy Diapers: Cloth diapers and baby clothes designed to be used for Elimination Communication (EC) and Potty Training.

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In-Person Course: Elimination Communication 101

Join our Elimination Communication (EC) 101 course and embark on a journey to successful EC practices. In this comprehensive in-person series.

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Flappy-Nappies: We make diapers and clothes that facilitate Elimination Communication, because your baby’s clothes should never pose a barrier to the potty.

Bundle 3-Pack:  Earth Tones All-In-Two Flappy-Nappies Snap-In Pads:  Standard BUNDLE Merino Wool Diaper Cover, Belt, and Chappy-Nappy Pants Candy Apple Red Fleece All-In-Two Flappy-Nappy Diaper Cover Bundle 3-Pack:  Candy Shop All-In-Two Flappy-Nappies



Prepare yourself for the easiest diaper change of your life with our Patent-Pending drop-flap diapers!

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