Merino Wool Chaps

Undyed Merino Wool Chappy-Nappy Pants
Undyed Merino Wool Chappy-Nappy Pants
Undyed Merino Wool Chappy-Nappy Pants
Undyed Merino Wool Chappy-Nappy Pants
Undyed Merino Wool Chappy-Nappy Pants
Undyed Merino Wool Chappy-Nappy Pants

Undyed Merino Wool Chappy-Nappy Pants

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These Chappy-Nappy pants are made of cozy Merino Wool and are compatible with all Flappy-Nappy diaper products.  The wool is a lightweight knit that will keep your little one warm in colder months but is still breathable enough for warmer days.  NOTE:  Diapers are NOT included.

Our undyed wool is a lovely cream color that goes with just about anything.  Don’t forget matching Flappy-Nappy diapers!


Wool is:

  • Naturally derived
  • Breathable
  • Antimicrobial
  • Soft and cozy (NOT itchy!)
  • Ventilating in summer and insulating in winter
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
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Wash once with wool wash and lanolin before first use.

Don't be intimidated by wool care! Care is simple:

  • Wool only needs immediate washing when soiled with poop
  • If soiled, hand wash immediately with wool wash and tepid water; hang dry
  • For pee, hang wool to dry overnight without washing for up to four weeks
  • Yes, you read that right--you only need to wash wool once a month!
  • Then, lanolize again
  • Click here  and then scroll down for detailed lanolizing instructions

Use the chart below to select the pants that will fit your baby best.

95% Merino Wool

5% Cotton

Cotton is used as a stabilizer for the snaps.

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Hi there! I'm Chelsea, mama of three and the owner of Flappy-Nappies. I designed these products for my own babies, and can't wait to share them with yours. If there's anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to reach out (yep, I'll answer your questions myself!). Happy diapering!

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Customer Reviews

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Potty training easy even in cold days

Living in Norway, cold weather is a huge obstacle for doing ec. But not any more! The chappy Nappies and flappy Nappies in wool make pottytunities super easy! The diaper fits well over babys bottom, the inner puoch of the diaper cover holds the soaker in place. The trousers keeps babys legs warm and make diaper changes easy and comfotable. The system with the belt and buttons works really well. And the outfit looks really cute as well, this is what you need if you want to do ec while looking smart and like you know what you are doing.

Our story

Welcome to Flappy-Nappies! I’m Chelsea, inventor of the Flappy-Nappy and founder of this company. My story begins when I was 10 months old and my family temporarily relocated to Germany for my dad’s work. While living there, my mom, Barbara, befriended a British woman who was potty training her own 10-month-old daughter.  Barbara, who was also training my two-year-old sister, had never heard of training a baby so young.  Out of curiosity, she tried the method with me and, to her great surprise, successfully had me out of diapers by age 1.5!

The birth of Flappy Nappies

My invention, called a Flappy-Nappy, was a drop-flap style diaper that could attach to a separate waist belt.  This allowed the diaper to be easily changed one-handed and opened from the front or back for potty trips. When winter rolled around again, I designed Chappy-Nappies: A pair of crotchless pants that replaced the diaper’s waist belt.  Since the diapers snapped directly to the waist of the pants, diaper changes and potty trips remained accessible and Leo’s legs stayed toasty warm!