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In-person Course

Diapers Stink!

Chattanooga residents! Learn how to use fewer diapers from birth onward.

Start taking your baby potty TODAY. This one-hour class is intended for new and expectant parents. Children are welcome to attend!

Join us at Nutrition World in Chattanooga.

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About This Course

What We'll Learn

Why Learn EC?

  • SIMPLIFY your cloth diaper laundry
  • REDUCE your environmental impact
  • IMPROVE hygiene with less diaper rash
  • DITCH DIAPERS earlier with less drama

We Will Teach You:

  • Timing and cues (i.e., how to tell when baby's gotta go)
  • How to hold a newborn over the potty
  • Common concerns
  • Cloth diaper care and EC gear
  • And more!

BONUS! Digital EC Guide Included

A copy of our 27-page digital guide, "Diapers Stink!", is included with your purchase and will be emailed to you to download.

Meet Your Instructor

Chelsea has over 10 years of teaching experience and over 8 years of parenting experience. She successfully used EC and cloth diapers with all three of her babies and has helped countless others do so as well.