Chappy-Nappies are crotchless pants with snaps on the waist belt. Snap the diaper to the waist of the Chappy-Nappies instead of the belt for warm legs and easy potty access.

Chappy-Nappies are compatible with all Flappy-Nappy diapers, regardless of color, meterial, or size.


    A must-have item

    Chappy-Nappies are one of our most versatile products. You can use them with any kind of diapers--just fasten the diaper over the crotchless pants for warm legs during diaper changes.

    They're easiest to use with Flappy-Nappy diapers, which pop open like a flap and can be changed while your baby stands--great for alligator rollers!

    Potty-Training In Winter

    Diaper-free time is an essential component of EC and potty-training. When the weather's warm, baby can run around naked. But what if it's cold?

    Our Chappy-Nappies are crotchless! They'll keep baby's legs toasty warm while giving you all the same benefits of bottomless diaper-free time. Perfect!

    Don't take our word for it


    Really well made and such a clever design! We bought these with the chappy nappy pants and I’m so glad we have found them. Makes getting on and off the potty so quick and easy! I’m going to order more. 😊


    These pants are amazing for EC and for normal diapering! You can literally put the pants on, and since they're chaps, you can put a diaper on overtop. So far my baby has yet to leak into the pants even at night. No more taking pants off at night. I'm seriously in love and wish I knew about them sooner!


    After loving my last purchase of Flappy Nappies, I asked Chelsea to make me sets with fleece on the outside to match the pairs of chappies I had purchased. She made some for me in brown and light blue and my whole family loves them. They are cute, easy to change, wash, offer baby the potty, and now they match the pants seamlessly!


    These chaps are cute, comfy, and super functional! One person asked me if they get in the way when doing elimination communication, and the answer is no, not at all! The opening is generous enough that you don’t have to worry about that, but still completely modest when the flappy nappy is attached. I really love this clever design!